About Us

Hello! I am glad you’re here. Cooklaplaza is a food blog, created by me. Here you’ll find recipes that are easy to make. I also tell you how to make that in a very simple way that is worth your time and you’ll want to make over and over again. Here you’ll find all kind of fresh dish that can impress others when you try this at your home. Everybody knows that cooking is an art and it takes an effort to master it.
Finally what I can say that each recipe published on http://www.cooklaplaza.in/ has been prepared and tasted to make sure that dish is complete and it taste is suitable for a wider audience. Here you’ll also find lots of kitchen tricks and tips that can make your life easier. Is it end here? No, Addition is health tips from cooklaplaza which is really an additional feature.

Cooklaplaza is on youtube also : https://www.youtube.com/cooklaplaza
Do let us know your feedback on how our recipes are at contact@cooklaplaza.in. If you feel that recipes need a modification, correction or simply have some more valuable tips, please write to us at contact@cooklaplaza.in and we will do everything possible in our powers to accommodate your suggestions and questions.